FFTA Tactically Great - Quick Review

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced was my first Final Fantasy game on the GBA handheld system and my first "Tactical" based game. Though Tactics Advanced is based off the original Tactics for Playstation it introduces a fresh portable version that I still enjoy to this day.

The Story: The story is nice and easy to understand, unlike Final Fantasy: War of the Lions , Tactics Advanced paces it to be less political and honest. The main hero of the game, Marche, just wants to go home and take his friends with him. Aside from the side missions, the main missions stay on the path to the story. I found myself doing a lot of side missions just to level up my character classes to prolong the adventure. Simple yet immersive is how I would describe FFTA.
The world of Ivalice (my favorite setting in the Final Fantasy series) is set on a more "Light and Magic" side so you'll really feel the fantasy side to this tale with the different classes, weapons, spells, Totemas (summons), and lots of customization.

The Music: Music wise, I liked it a lot. The tunes really fit with the setting and mixes well with what's going on. Battle themes express the urgency of victory and the melodies of the main story has the player feel what Marche is feeling or that "sadness" he expresses. I say the music is one of the game's high points for sure.

The Gameplay: There is a lot -A LOT to do in FFTA. Even with 40-100 hours of gameplay there's a big chance that there is still something to do within the game. There are 300 missions at least and lots of classes to explore so if long hours of gameplay with plenty of customizing is your liking you won't be disappointed with FFTA at all. All the CG for casting spells, attacks, and summons look great for the GBA and inserting this game into a DS system really enhances the experience. The strategy-style movement of the battles is innovative and fun but if you don't have a lot of patience I wouldn't recommend this game...
The menus and commands are nicely done and easy to follow and flows smoothly when in battle. The items usage and storage system is also great. Not complicated, just right.

Conclusion: Overall, FFTA is a fantastic game for the GBA/ DS systems. Lots of content, a steady story, good visuals, and an easy to learn system earns this game an easy 9.0 :) A classic of a classic, easy win guys~