One of the best, if not best gba game of all time! still play it today :)

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
This game is a masterpiece and will last you quite a while. I havent beaten the game at 180 hours of gameplay! but at some walkthroughs, i noticed i skipped some things so i restarted =

This game takes strategy in who you choose to fight, and how to make your clan. Different Jobs have different advantages. While some are fast and avoidy, others are long ranged and stronger. Some also have unique skill like toad where you turn your opponent into a frog where theyre in an useless state. However, you need to be sure to keep things you need! Think of the future and decide whether itll come in handy or complete trash. Graffics and sound/music is also good xD it fits the scene and graffics arent as bad as other gba games where it's all blurred. weapons in the game are cool too. Varies from a bow to a staff to a gun to a sword and so on. Monsters are very varietyful and fun to mess around with. But be careful, you lose clan members in jaged areas :( happend to me twice -.- and it was not fun...

Overall, great story, very very long, and will be an instant classic on the gba :)