FFTA is worth getting, playing and LOVING

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
I was reading a few reviews, and one person has this game nailed. They posted (paraphrase) that this game was an addictive and fun time waster. I agree with that but will add one caveat, this game is a must buy.

for anyone with a GBA or anything in the GB family that will play this (I only have a GBA), you should get this. One of my favorite features is the length of each battle. I think this plays a large success in the popularity of this game to me and to others. You can travel to a city, buy a quest, go to quest location, start the fight, complete objective, get swag, equip and be back saving within 20 minutes. This is the perfect amount of time for a bus ride, commute, lunch break, afternoon break, coffee break, smoke break, whatever. 20 minutes is an enjoyable mini adventure in a larger overall framework of FFTA.

I have logged just about 100 hours on this game and still will find myself playing this on and off. It is also the ONLY GBA game I still own AND play. I own a few others, but they are dust collecting currently. Also, some of these GBA games I used to play I am now playing on my Wii (MUCH bigger screen).

So to sum up, buy it, play it, love it as I have and you won't not not be loving your time share in no time.