We had no idea what the GBA was capable of... until we played this!

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
Where to start with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance? I'll start by saying that it's the deepest and close to best strategy game I've ever played. ( I like Fire Emblem Path of Radiance a little more) It's also my favorite GBA game, even when comparing to games like the Fire Emblems and Mario and Luigi. It's just got everything a strategy game needs: tons of character classes (jobs), loads of weapons (that teach you new attacks), and 300 missions! I've played the game a scary amount of time and I haven't even completed it yet. The story is interesting and entertaining as you watch your hero try to fix the world that's been changed into the world of Final Fantasy and disputing with himself and his friends along the way on whether he should change it back or not. The graphics were also pretty impressive, for a GBA game at least. The only thing about this game that's really annoying is the laws. In every battle, there are certain things you can't do, or else risk arrest or a stat decrease. That aside, FFTA is a near perfect game, DEFINITELY worth playing.