Wow, did this game let me down...

User Rating: 7.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
I should have noticed that there was something fishy about this title when I first saw the cartoony looking screen shots and box art for the game. This is an ok strategy game but an awful FFT and shouldn't even share the same name as it. The only similarities that it shares is that it plays on a 4 dimensional isometeric field and has job classes. My top pet peeve with this game is the restrictive Law System!!! Seriously, Square Enix...what were you thinking when you added this to the game? Well, it was a great way for us to start off hating those @sshole judges in the beginning of FFXII! We went from being able to create whatever strategy possible on the battle field to being limited to not doing what the stupid law cards bans or risk getting our units sent to jail! Lets get to my many other annoyances...

My Breakdown:

What's Good:

- Those familiar with FFT shouldn't have a hard time learning how to play this
- New races to play as

What's Not-So-Good:

- Takes after FFII in the style in which abilities are learned (experience gained through weapons)

- The main character looks too much like FFT's main character

What's Bad:

- The Story! Too childish!

- The story begins with a freakin snow ball fight!!! Definately sets the mood for the rest of the game!

- The job classes a divided up by race!

- No mediator class to recruit new units!!! People just randomly ask to join.

- Monsters are not recruitable! You can capture them but no matter how well you train them on your ranch, they never join your team in battle!!!

- Having to create the world map yourself!

- The restrictive Law System!!! It can't even be ignored because if you break a particular or a certain number of laws, your units are temporarily sent jail and you have to wait for them to be released!

In all, the game on its own isn't bad but when slap the FFT name on this, fans start have expections! Don't call it FFT if you wanted it to be something different for a different audiences SE. And really think this is better than the sequal?!