One of the best strategy game ever made also a great final fantasy game. One of my favorite GBA games

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
Gameplay- The game is a turn based strategy you move your characters on a blocked map, and attack enemies. There's different job classes which all have different moves to fight your enemies with. The game has a map which you place the areas down on it, You can get quests from a pub in cities. The missions are either dispatch or missions you have to do yourself. Dispatch missions you send off your units to take on a task, The direct missions involve you taking on the task this maybe fighting enemies or taking down a boss. There are 300 missions to try and complete and offers a lot of gameplay.

Graphics- The graphics are pretty good for a gameboy advance game, and the character and unit designs are very good as well.

Sound- The music is really good along with the sound effects.

Summary- A great strategy RPG, also a great final fantasy game with alot of missions to do and play.

+ Lots of jobs and classes
+ Lots of missions

- Missions can be missed