your clan ,your gang, your army

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
The frist time that i played it i HATE this game for me it was a trash maybe because i always lost the battles againts other clan and for me the game play was mmmmm to difficult and wierd, strange, and boring.well the thing is that with the time, i was boring to not pass this game and i try agian and again and again....... and in the end i understand it it was now one of my favorite game is true is not a finere emblen or a advance war. but i love the class and the race.the best thin it was i can take and form my owen army... Ok the story is not the best and the iusic is not perfect but i enjoy played it alot really,The thing is that the graffic anre not the best but the first thing that a game has to do is give us fun....and it gave me i really love the equip and items...but i have to said that to get the abilities were a lil hard.....well the game was cool it was fun it was great. I loke it i ahve to said that it good.