Definitely not the best strategy game for the gba. It fails to deliver on many levels.

User Rating: 4.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
Game play:

This game offers a turn based battle system on a tiled playing field. Characters will learn abilities from using certain weapons for a certain amount of battles. The law system adds a new element of strategy to the game. This game suffers from being too easy at points and a frustratingly bad story. Those that can look past said flaws will find a strategy game a little short on strategy and riddled with laughably stupid AI. If anything can be said for the game its that it will at least keep you busy for a long time. Mastering a class takes a very, very long time.

Amazing effects for a gba game. It's shiny and crisp, but the art style is uninspired.

Refreshing, expected from a final fantasy game. Nothing terrible, but nothing noteworthy either.