Great Alternative To The Classic FF Formula

User Rating: 8.9 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
Although an oddity at first this game has some great game play and value. Based of the original PS1's FF Tactics, FF Tactics Advanced shares the same basic formula as a Turn-Based Strategy, you position your troops one a grid that is a battlefield and use your attacks to defeat your enemies. The attacks are take strait from other final fantasy games, magic, summons and all the manner of weapons are available to defeat your foes. The excellent sound effects and great (and somewhat cute) graphics help the games battle system to shine. The sound effects are excellent and suit the ability/summon/attack that it responds with, even though they are taken directly from other FF games. The characters along with the enviroment are fairly detailed, allowing you to easily differentiate between characters, races, classes, friends and foes. Square Enix didn't take the easy road as the effects for the weapons and spells are all different. The part of the game I enjoy though, is the class system. You start out with the basic classes and as you progress through the game you gradually unlock more, which are different for each character and determined by which class you use before it. The different races also specialize in different areas, Moogles are adept in magic, Banga (?) are fighters, the Veira's and Human are more well rounded races. Overall I would recommend this game for both FF and Turned-based strategy gamers alike.