A Perfect display of Final Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy...

User Rating: 9.3 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
i actually crave for the game, since I have my gameboy purchased.. I can't hardly wait on buying this game. Now, I have been playing it for months and still rocks my world... it sounds like i am too old-school for playing this game late....

Here are my personal critique on the game:

Gameplay: This is a lot similar to the game which released on the ps console. I am trully facinated on hoe they put the game into a handy console that anytime around you can grab and play with it. There is so much fun and hours of waiting while playing this turn-based game.

Graphics: Cute characters and eye-caychy visuals..

Character: so much to gain and so much earn..

Sounds: Hinestly i do not turn on the music while I am playing.