The lack of dialouge and depth to story along with annoying battles give this game a sort of "What am I even doing&

User Rating: 6.3 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
So i was at my friends house and noticed he had this game in his room. I thought to myself, hey! a final fantasy game. I heard those are good and i've never played one! So I asked him and he let me borrow it and I started playing immidiatley.

Now your probably thinking "Ohh man this guy is probably just a hater of the series" but no, I had never played one before and I thought it was going to be good and had high hopes for it.

So the first thing that bugs me about this game is its lack of story and talking!! The begining of the game seems to have a great story and character depth but whithin the first hour the story just dies and suddenly, their is hardly anthing said. The Gameplay itself is also a bit annoying, It mainly consists of battles in the overworld. The battles have little detail put into them. It is also annoying playing the same people on the same locations all the time. and the battles are also pretty darn long and can become tedious very easily. AND you get a new clan member every now and then but because you already have most of the classes the new memebers are they become useless and you generally end up using the starting 6 characters.

The final thing that sorta bugs me about this game is it's lack of detail. Everyone human you have looks THE SAME. every, lizard thing you have looks THE SAME which is a little repetitve and sorta takes away from their personality and depth. PLUS, names are recycled which is really annoying when you fight 3 diffrent people all diffrent types of creatures named Tony.

So would I recommend this game? No. No i would not. I feel that too many battles in the same locations with the same people become very annoying and the lack of detail in battles doesn't make it any better. and the lack of story becomes very noticable. So honestly if your new to the seiries this is NOT the place to start.