If you were trapped on a deserted island this would be the game to spend the rest of your life

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
This happened to be one of the most complex and engaging hand held games to spend countless hours with. If you want to know the feeling of addiction, here it is. With unlockable classes, abilities, spells, and items, along with vibrant visuals and inspired soundtrack, and storyline, nothing could show more evidence that Squaresoft put a major effort into this, and to be as distinct from its PSX predeccesor as much as possible. Clearly this game was successful enough that its story Ivalice setting and characters was a major influence on Final Fantasy XII. No longer bounded to humans, you are now free to play as Moogle, Bangaa, NuMou, Viera. The Judge system is brilliant and frees the stagnant SRPG genre from its formulaic tendencies, contributing what it means to be strategic.