Simply Gorgeous - a top 2 gba game

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
Take it from a longtime RPG - TBS'er... Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is an incredible game. Final Fantasy meets AOE meets heroes how can you go wrong???

Gameplay - The game starts and you are extremely limited in options. You have little abilities (a few fighters) and alot to learn. As your clan improves you gracefully advance your style of battle with the difficulty. Battles take place on a map like topographical chess board and its a turn based dream. Although the story isnt excellent... its a typical FF story... it's still interesting and stays very relevant to the game. The traveling could have been better, would have liked to see actual towns.

Graphics - Very detailed, powerful images, that set the mood perfectly. Everything is shrunken to fit the gba screen and the result is charming. Spellcasts, characters, and battle maps look great.

Sounds - Fit the game well. Great theme musics. Sword and spell effects let you know that you're hitting satisfyingly.

Controls - Very specific and clever. It adds alot to the game and makes tactics that much more of a component. It's easy to undo and do =]

Also has a very high replay value!!!