A highly enjoyable strategy game, though it has its fair share of flaws

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire DS
The Turned Based Strategy genre is dominated by disappointing and shallow titles. Though Final Fantasy Tactics, while having quite a few downs, is in no way disappointing or horrible, although like a few other genres it can be a hit or miss game, that is suited for those whom enjoy the genre, or difficulty.

The thing different with this game is that its quests are enjoyable, and at most times well set out and supported, unlike other TBS's that throw you into the story line, however good, but too complicated, and although the plot is relatively shallow it is enough to not bore you to tears, although gameplay can feel extremely slow or unfair.

And the thing is it builds on the previous installment in every way, graphically, sound wise and its overall elements.

The game in-stead of other final fantasy games does not base its abilities and statistics solely on level or class, such as the fact, you could go from the sword wielding soldier class, to the black mage class, and not be as strong as you would be if you were of a lower level but had stayed on that level for longer, as obviously statistics are altered by your class. But by equipping weapons and equipment, you have the oppurtunity to learn abilities. For example, the basic rod for a Black mage supports the spells Fire Blizzard or Thunder. This then is broken into the fact that you need to complete quests, earn ability points to fill the point requirement for that ability on that weapon. Its actually quite simple.

There are many classes and wonderful characters that inhabit the world of Ivalice, and the game is enjoyable enough that while it has some flaws it still manages to pull it off, creating a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience. Grimoire of the Rift is a great game, that shouldnt be missed