A great chance for anyone looking to see where one of the best franchises in gaming got its start. Two great games!

User Rating: 7.6 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
With the release of Final Fantasy Origins, fans get a chance to see where it all began for the franchise. With two great games combined onto one disc, a few added bonus features for each game, and the nostalgic factor of gaming from an almost forgotten era. Final Fantasy allows you to pick a group of four, class them any way you want, and immerse yourself in an epic storyline as you try to right the wrongs of the world. A "normal" level up system, random encounters, and decent side characters, allow this game to prove why it spawned a franchise. In Final Fantasy II, you can tell where they tried to expand or improve (yeah right) on something that was already good. You start out with a group of three friends that stick with you throughout the entire storyline, while your fourth party member changes to suit whatever your task is or location you have to visit. The biggest down fall, in my opinion is the new level up system for both characters and magic. Characters have to take damage in order to gain hp, cast spells in order to raise mp, and so on. Magic only increases through high use of the spell and continues as it gets stronger. Spells you get later in the game, don't have the time to develop, which makes them pretty much useless. Other than these things the game is pretty solid and the increase in the types of transport makes it fun to get around. Overall, both games are good for their respective times and a stepping stone to a great franchise.