This release gives many a chance to revisit some classic RPG, FF style.

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
Final Fantasy 1
To be honest, I never expected to like Final Fantasy 1 and 2. Why? Because I started on 9 (Which back then, I didn't even realize it was a homage on classic FF games such as 1 and 2) and thought it was weird playing an old 2D FF game.

I started my journey with FF1 (naturally). I made my characters, 2 knights, white mage and a black mage (my normal party of FF9, excluding the Thief). I named them after characters of FF, Auron, Cloud, Yuna, Vivi. And hence I began my journey. At the start, I didn't like it, the battles were too simple, there was no actual direction in which I could follow from the dialogue. And then I fell in love, I realized just how this game saved Square from bankrupty.

It was the fact that it was a classic in every way possible, it reminded me so much of FF9 which I grew up with and loved that I could not deny it's clear awesomeness and cliche story. The story is about the 4 light warriors, off to save the world from the evil Garland. They travel the world using various modes of transportation such as the canoe, airship etc. They visit various towns, various characters and in the end, face off with Chaos (Garland).

To be honest, there isn't much to go into detail about Final Fantasy 1. It's a classic RPG, it doesn't have any character development, the story is pretty cliche and the battle system is pretty outdated by today's standards. However, those who are looking to fall in love with the classic game that inspired FF9, look no further, FF1 is one of my favorite games due to it's simplicity and the fact that in introduced many staples of the games to come.
Final Fantasy 2
Final Fantasy 2 attempted to change what Final Fantasy 1 did. The level system, the make your own character's party idea and instead implemented real characters, a story that didn't involve crystals and the first FF to remove the lvling system and instead focused on stat building based on certain conditions during battle making it more RPG-esque.

The story of Final Fantasy 2 follows the story of 4 orphaned kids, Firion, Guy, Maria and Leon. They made their escape as the evil empire burned down their village. They found refuge with the rebels and demand that they help them in the fight.

Final Fantasy 2 introduced the concept of Guest characters, though they technically replaced your 4th member (As Leon mysteriously disappears in the start of the game), it was a new feature that would be later seen in games like FF3 to a certain extent.

Final Fantasy 2 also had the learning system. Where you could learn keywords and memorize them in order to further advance in the story and learn more about the rebels and the empire.

However the main flaw of Final Fantasy 2 is the fact that it's incredibly short and easily one of the easier Final Fantasy's. The game overall took me two days to complete, making it the shortest amount of time I've ever needed to finish and RPG.

Overall, Origins is a solid package that offers two classic games. However if you're looking for more, then purchase Dawn of Souls instead for the extra dungeon.