The Best Final Fantasy complimation on PSX

User Rating: 8.7 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
Final Fantasy Origins came out last April. After playing the WonderSwan Versions of Final Fantasy 1+2 i realized Woo there coming to america! so i ran out the day it was released and picked up this classic pack. i'll start by reviewing Final Fantasy 1 and then Review 2 then review how the pack is together Final Fantasy I This game was released by square as a last ditch effort back in 1989 it was extremly inovative one of the reasons it did so well is because it drew alot of hype. Nintendo advertised it alot in Nintendo Power so people wanted it...badly. The Year now is 2003 Final Fantasy has grown tremendously with 10 mainstream games released and a few sub games Final Fantasy undoubtedly is the King of RPG's to date. Through the years the recent Final Fantasy's Lost their difficulty alot Final Fantasy 1 was a very very hard game to play. In the Remake of Final Fantasy you have a choice to choose easy mode which is an easy version of the game instead of at each level getting a max of 9 MP you could get a max of 99. You receive double the exp. in battle and everything is easier. Normal Mode is the original NES version. To me there is 3 major things sqaure-enix changed in the remakes. 1. Your Attack will go to the next enemy now. back on NES the attack would miss if the enemy was gone. 2. The dash function (you shouldnt use it....) and 3. The memo file made the game easier. Other than those 3 the Upgraded Sound and Graphics leave the game just breath taking. the game is as original as before just with an updated look. Final Fantasy I on Normal mode will take the average New Age RPG Gamer about 20 hours to complete if you've played Final Fantasy before or are aquainted with the Difficulty you can complete it in about 10-15 hours Final Fantasy II In my opinion. this is the hardest Final Fantasy released to date. This is also the first final Fantasy to incorperate a heavy story driven plot. the battle system is very diffrent from any other Final Fantasy. you gain HP by loosing about half your HP in battle, you gain magic levels by casting your magic. you gain abilites by using them. now you can attack yourself to help boost it greatly but it'll be time consuming. this game is very difficult i played it first on NES emulator and i thought it was horrible. but then i played it on WSC it was difficult but fun. the PS1 remake is the wsc version with upgraded sound and graphics crispness. the story is pretty good. you are 4 kids leaving an armys rampage your town is wrecked by the army of Phin . the rebel army plans to get thir caslte back. this RPG is so hard because when you enter a new area some of the enemies are so strong its almost not even balanced. some of the enemies could be considered bosses but after a while you get used to it and figure out ways to kill things quickly. the final dungeon of the game is 16 floors, no save points (werent invented back then :-p!) just your items and MP to heal you . almost every enemy considered a boss very difficult. the music suits this game perfectly especially the remixes it gives the game an upbeat feel with alot of power. As a whole As a whole Final Fantasy Origins is the best Final Fantasy Released to date maybe if square acually does Remake Final Fantasy's 7-9 on PS2 that might top it. this is a great pack i suggest you buy it with the price only being $15 now its probably the best buy on PSX for the cash. if you want a challenge or just check out the roots of a series pick up FFO