Man! This is game is intensly hard. I wanted to get all the items, but it was too intense. Great for old-school gamers.

User Rating: 8.1 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
Final Fantasy Origins Gameplay would be as you expect it. Its top of the line for a game older than myself. The Gameplay is like any other Final Fantasy and its fun to see where the FF roots started from. Final Fantasy Origins are nothing of today's standards, because even the Ps1 is outdated. But if you want a nostaligic feeling this is a great game. Some of the dungeons are pretty neat though. The Sound of every Final Fantasy is great, and Origins is no expection. The music keeps the life of the game and gamer going. Final Fantasy Origins is definately a great value, because who doesnt want to say man i have played the very First Final fantasy all the way to 12. For any hardcore Final Fantasy fan this is a must. Final Fantasy Origins combines two old-school games very well and makes a perfect old school rpg for anyone. Ezpicially yoou Super Nintendo Geezers.