good road trip game to have pass the time in you moms soccer van!

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
Any final fantasy fan will tell you to play the original games to appreciate how the series has revolutionized the RPG industry. this game goes back to classic RPG which some of us still find to be compelling.

gameplay- gameplay is solid and brings you back to the turned base era. on the map you move regular north south east and west directions. kind of slow. the menu is simple with classic upgrade in jobs your character can have and weapons and items menus you will have no problems with.

story- the crystals era is in the house. collect 4 crystals and rescue princesses and meet new friend, same old stuff. new cg to try to draw the player but with no effect.

overall- for 20 bucks and if you have had the time to play all other new era games since it is 2006) why not. and if you just want to add to your rpg collection you can't go wrong either.