User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
First off, i would like to compliment square for doing this. They made it "origins" for a reason. The fans who originally played this game on the super nintendo system will find many new perks that have positivly gone into this game making. The game has been remodles quite a bit and the graphics have been inhanced for both games. Also for both games is the collections and new game +. The collections have orginal drawings of monsters and certain sceenes depicted in the game, as well as new cgc sequences for both games. This is quite a nifty feature indeed. The storyline and exact posistions of treasures, monsters ect. have not been changed. Square stayed true to its original keeping old school fans, and newbies happy alike. It is also a treat if you are a fan of final fantasy to see it evolve into what it is. If you are a fan of ANY final fantasy be sure to pick up Final Fantasy Origins.