Two Games one never released in America, Reborn with better color and added cinemas a must get for Final Fantasy Fans!!!

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
Anybody who as played a Final Fantasy knows that it has XII installments in the main series and XIII coming out. I don't know about many but I got into the series during the playstation 1 era. So when I heard that they had released the first two Final Fantasy's I had to get it. now enough about the history of the game onto the review. The classics are reborn with the color seen on the SNES and Cinema's only a couple but enough to make it awesome. The game features the classic level up system that RPG fans have come to like and be familiar with. Final Fantasy one features the light warriors facing the destruction of their world and are sent to awake all of the crystals and save the world. One thing that might get on the nerves of people about the game, is you will have to do alot of grinding it is not a bad thing but some do not like that. Final Fantasy II will require its fair share of grinding as well and quite a bit of running around to get money. The story is about and Empire who is trying to take over the world, with many sacrifices of people in the game. If you are an old-school RPG fan you must pick this up if you can find it. I recommened to anybody who loves Final Fantasy Games