Its the first and its well done. But now its been retouched.

User Rating: 8.2 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
I will start off by saying that I love revamped games. FF anthologies, FF chronicles, the new GBA FFs ect ect. This one is just like the other but better. Where the other remakes cleared the sound, translation and some graphics this one did a complete overhaul. Sense these were originally NES games their graphics were ........eyesores. However the graphics have amply been updated to look like a PS1 anime rpgs. The music has been fully redone with an orcastra and the battle graphics and sounds completely redone. The translation is pretty crisp and new cut scenes not to mention awesome FMVs have been added to help the storys along. I dont know what else to say about these, if you like old school rpgs and you want to see where Final Fantasy begin then you should check this out!