Sensible remake of the two orignal classics.

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
First and foremost, i will rate the games individually, as they differ to an extent.

Final Fantasy I -

Gameplay: 5/10

Final Fantasy I tells the story of four Warriors of light, destined to save the land from a new threat. The main objective is to retrieve four crystals from the four fiends in order to do so. The narrative is, at times, confusing and difficult to grasp, especially when the first boss Garland decides to summon and warp himself across all sorts of times and dimensions.

Graphics: 6/10

Polished up from the orignal version. However, I have seen them better updated on the PSP.

Sound: 9/10

The music on this game has been re-mastered to produce some absolute belters! You'll find yourself humming along all the familiar songs in this compilation of fantastic pieces.

Value: 7/10

Final Fantasy Origins was purchased for around fifteen pounds. Not bad for two classic games!

Tilt: 6/10

This game still has quite a few flaws that keep it from being the 'complete classic.' For example, buying 99 potions will require 99 seperate purchases. Many parts of the game require far too much effort, as in not knowing where the heck to go unless you talk to the the majority of people in each and every single town! A good selection of choice is available for characters; White, Black and Red Mage, Warrior, Thief and Monk. And for some odd reason they decided to change the four orbs to four crystals. Overall, a promising start to the franchise.

Final Fantasy II -

Gameplay: 6/10

Final Fantasy II has a much more engaging and advanced storyline than its antecedent. It follows four youngsters who have there home town attacked and there parents slain by the Emporer Of Palamaceia. They must then get there revenge and rid the kingdom of its evil empire. Simple, yet effective.

Graphics: 6/10

Again, polished up from the original version. A few added segments were also incorperated into the game to give the player a better idea of what was happening.

Sound: 8/10

Some of these re-made tunes would absolutely stand up against the likes of what the recent Final Fantasy games are producing.

Value: 7/10

As mentioned before, quite a good deal for fifteen pounds sterling.

Tilt: 7/10

Even with an updated version of Final Fantasy II, it is still apparent what is the most recognisable feature about the title; the inability to level up. In my opinion, the game has nearly committed suicide by opting for this. It hosts far too many problems to list, but in brief you'll have to use a weapon and move with a specific character and stick to a rigourous regime of constantly training up that certain move or weapon. The final boss is also ridiculously hard, and throughout the game you will find numerous obstacles difficult to overcome. Overall, a challenging game, but a good ride whilst it lasts!