Witness the birth of phenomena, you won't be dissapointed. Two great epic adventures from the first days of FF.

User Rating: 9.2 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
Final Fantasy Origins contain remakes of the original FF1 and FF2. This way Square made sure that the great tales of these two games were not forgotten. The worlds of Origins are simply amazing. Vast lands of creatures and secrets waiting are to be explored. The best thing in the games are the plots; they set the standard for how the plots of the following FF games were gonna be like; extremely entertaining and continually surprising.

Each game has around 50 hours of gameplay for one completion, which is pretty much all a FF fan would ask for. The remade graphics, sounds and music are simply enjoyable, you won't miss a single thing of Final Fantasy atmosphere. Like the other early FF titles the gameplay are sometimes a bit tedious, so you have to have the patience of a hardcore FF fan when entering the world of Origins.