The original Final Fantasy's have finally come to the US. Thank goodness cause I have always wanted to play them.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Origins PS
This is a two part game so I've got 2 paragraphs, one for each:
So, Final Fantasy was a pretty straight forward as you have no real choice into what each characters abilities are as their classes are all preset; what decisions they make because they are not complex like our characters for Vl and up; and how it all just nicely wraps up in a bow since the story is so easily predicted. But considering it is the first Final Fantasy, it's not bad for the start of a extremely unique branch of RPG's.
Then, Final Fantasy II was complete different. You have a wide variety of customization with each character from magical abilities to weapon finesse. And the characters actually seem to have some kind of personality, even though they are still pretty linear in terms of story.
All and all, this box set, Final Fantasy Origin, is a great little box that shows you the 2 extremes this game can take and just how much work it must have been to finally blend the 2 sides of the coin together in the later games.