One of the FFs out there along with ff7

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy IX PS
This was one of the only final fantasys I haven't played since it first came out. i got into this series ever since I have played ff7 ff10 and ff12. Once I got the chance on getting this game I did at the last second. I have to tell you that is one of my favourite games in the series for many reasons..

The story follows a group of furrys and diffrent type of creatures, The main character you play as is zidance who is a theft sent to kipnap princess garnet. Zidane himself is a cheeful upbeat character who develops in the stroy really well. Other charaters this game includes are VIVI who is cute lovaable black mage, Sterier an overprotective knight, garnet a very shy but nice girl, freya, eiko and so on. The stroy is very basic but it's great since the charaters are very interesting and likable( expected for quina)


The game looks great for a 2000 game, the FMVs are very detailed and colourful, The backgrounds are very nice to look at and the character models are great as well.



The game is the same as the other ATB battle systems. This time you have up to four players to control but you can also get a second player to play as well which is quiet cool. The leveling up is simple and the customizeing is great as well. The game has great towns to visit and stock up on items as well as really cool mini games like chocobo hot and cold game and the card game. Boss fights are fun and the world map is fun to explore. The game can be a bit easy sometimes and the battle system is nothing new but it's really fun to play. The battle system is a bit slow but you can adjust that in the options menu which is a nice attention. This game can take you around 30-40 hours of gameplay if you are quick but the rest of the side quest are enought to keep you busy.


Music and sound

the music is great IMO but not as good as 7 or 8 becaue it doesn't get you pumped as they did. The sound effects are good and get the job done nicely.



This is one of the best ff games becasue of it's great stroy that you can easily into. the gameplay is fun, and it looks great. the music is really good. Play this if you are a final fantasy fan, if not then give it try. Thanks for reading