Data Corruption Problems

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Is this game more prone to data corruption than any other PS1 game, or is it just my third party memory card?

It seems to be caused by the in-game reset, which has never before corrupted data for every one of my other Square games, inlcluding Final Fantasy Origins, Final Fantasy Chronicles, Final Fantasy Anthology, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Vagrant Story, for the seven years that I've been using them. I've had to restart a game of FF9 the other day because this already happened, and it's always after I use the in-game reset. I was just playing FF6 on FF Anthology yesterday, and used the standard Square in-game reset ability on that several times without the data being corrupted, but it's happened twice now with FF9.

I've been playing PS1 games since 2000, and I have never once had the issue of corrupted data on a memory card. My data has always been reliable, and safe. The only argument against this theory is that the new memory card I'm now using is a third party card I've ported all the data from those aforementioned games onto from the official Sony one that I was previously using for the last eight years. That could be the cause, but then how do you explain new FF6 data working perfectly on it?

So, is there anyone else who can confirm this issue? Has anyone else been having similar problems with their FF9 copies?

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I never had the data corruption problems except with final fantasy 7 never with 9 or any of the others :/