This game is ONLY nostalgia

User Rating: 3 | Final Fantasy IV Easytype SNES
Archaic mechanics, poor script, no detailed storyline, graphics slightly better than nes 8-bit, repetitive music, oh my gosh this is one of worst rpg ever.
this is can be decent in 1991, but now...... FF2 sure has a historical importance, but other that it's very nothing special.
Best features? maybe the decent characters

The positive

- somewhat decent characters
- gameplay it's no totally broken

The negative

- graphics between nes and snes, a sort of 12 bit graphics
- music is annoying, 20 seconds MIDI endlessly repeated
- short game, less then 20 hours
- western snes version "called easy-version" is too damn easy
- slow characters's movements
- very bad script
- translation is ridiculous
- worst aged rpg ever
- The plot has absolutely zero depth or detail
- you will make zero decision in all game! not even the equipment, simply upgrade it to every village with strongest parts, very strategic eh?
- what? Only the magicians gets abilities at the level increase, and the others? nothing, someone does not get even a single skill( es. Cid)
-primitive gameplay, no job system, no esper system, no materia system, nothing of nothing
- don' t even choose party members, the story choose your party ( most strategic game ever eh?)
- the game world is too generic, no information at all. The game has 8 countries, but, you do not know anything about them
- there's ATB system here? Where's the ATB gauge? without the gauge the ATB is pointless
- western conversion is terrible! Cut everything! Cut magics, cut skills, censored text, cut out difficulty, this is tolerable?
- no description of items
- in the equipment shops, you don't see the changes of statistics
- too large party so little time, characters don't receive a true development besides kain or cecil
-Rosa is the worst feminine character ever, zero depht, zero background, I don't know any information about her, besides she's the white mage of the castle and love Cecil
- Cecil start evil? Don't make me laugh!!!! In the very first scene it's already a good guy!
-dungeons are boring! Cave, cave, cave, cave, mountain , cave, cave, cave....

Graphics 1/10
sound 5/10
story 3/10
characters development 5/10
gameplay 4/10
fun factor 3/10

lenght : twenty laughable hours
difficulty : None
replay value ? What? With zero decisions through the game?

This game has a special place in everyone's heart.
Nostalgia value 20/10!!!!!