One of the best Final Fantasy games returns to the Nintendo DS, and remains a classic even today.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy IV DS
For a lot of us older gamers, this was one of the first, if not the first (as in my case), Final Fantasy that we played. Originally released on the Super Nintendo, this game became a huge hit both in Japan and here. For those of you who weren't around during the time of this game's release, I'm sure you're wondering why a game that's almost 20 years old has been remade for the Nintendo DS. Put simply, this is a landmark in the history of gaming, and it remains one of the best Final Fantasy games to ever be released.

GAMEPLAY - Those who have played any Final Fantasy games should be pretty familiar by what is here. It's basically a strategical RPG, but is probably a lot more basic than other Final Fantasy games you've played. In fact, I consider this game to be the "ultimate dungeon crawler" when it comes to the Final Fantasy games, as you'll be spending the majority of the game just going through dungeons with some storyline progression between them. This might seem a little dull, but it really isn't. Not only is the gameplay here great, but the bosses put up a good fight so that you won't just plow through the whole game with ease. I've heard a lot of complaints that this game is one of the more difficult Final Fantasy games, and I'd have to disagree. They kept nearly all of the original version intact here, including the level of difficulty. This version is slightly more difficult, but nowhere near impossible. Rookies and veterans of the Final Fantasy series should all find something here to love. - 10/10

STORY - The story focuses on a dark knight named Cecil, who is struggling to forge his own path of good, even though the kingdom he serves is inherently evil. There are a lot of twists, a lot of betrayals, and a lot of shocking moments throughout this story. Not all of the characters are as in-depth as one may like, but that doesn't mean that this story isn't a great one. - 9.5/10

GRAPHICS - The graphics, especially for the DS, are quite amazing. It's wonderful seeing how the programmers updated the graphics from the old Super Nintendo days. Nothing here looks bad at all by DS standards. - 10/10

SOUND - Square-Enix gets big points for keeping the original music and sound effects in here. What's really cool is that they added voice-acting for the more important scenes, which is a nice touch as well. Bravo, Square-Enix, bravo. - 10/10

LENGTH/REPLAY VALUE - This game will probably make you clock in around 30 hours, if I remember correctly. It's a pretty lengthy game, but unfortunately I wish it were longer in some ways. Not much in terms of replay value unless you just genuinely enjoy this game. I do, and I've beaten it twice already on the Super Nintendo. Despite that, it's a joy to go through this game again on the DS. - 9/10

BOTTOM LINE - Final Fantasy IV is arguably the best game available on the DS. It's a game that old-school gamers can come to for a dose of nostalgia, and a game that younger gamers can really grow to appreciate. If you've never played Final Fantasy, this is a great place to start. If you have played Final Fantasy, you should appreciate this installment just as much as the others. There's no reason to own this title if you have a DS, because it really is a piece of video game history that shouldn't be missed by anyone. - 10/10