It come straight from cell, just stay on it!!!!!

User Rating: 4 | Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Tsuki no Kikan WII
Ok. First of all, this game continue Final Fantasy 4, it's clear but Square Enix take this from cell phone to WiiWare so you can't expect more from this. BUT Square, what are you doing!!!??? Even if the remake of Final 4 is hard and frustrating sometimes, the remake is better than this!!! It's not due to the graphics, I'm ok with that, it's the short of all and too many fight!!!! It's like Final Fantasy 5 on PS1 !!!! 1 step, 1 fight . Probably Square would try to make the game longer but it's not the way all the fans want it !!!! And what the hell is this damn hard dungeon when you finish the Ceodore story!!!!!! It's like Final 4 on GameBoy and I think it's really really bad. It's hard, it's long, it's disappointing. :( Thanks to the tag team attack, it's good but it's not enough for loving the game. For 800 points, it doesn't worth the price. I didn't finish the game yet 'cause I don't want to play it again. I think it's better to download songs for Guitar Hero than this so everyone who read this, I've warned you!!!!