Loved the original games, for the amt of points you have to spend to get this it is not worth the money DO NOT d/l it!

User Rating: 4 | Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Tsuki no Kikan WII
I love the old retro games FF series, played them on my PSone, and this sounded good, like the old school feel to it. And that is where my praise ends. For the 800 points you pay to d/l this game you would figure you would get at least 20 hrs of play time w/ it. I beat the game in well under 10 hrs. And the end of the story for the main d/l was crap. It just cut off at the end, and then you have to pay 300 to d/l more of the stories of the back character. this whole game was maybe worth 1000 TOTAL! Unless you have points just to waste, do not bother w/ it. They better get their act together for future d/l on this series or you will have lost one fan of the older FF's for d/l. I also wish that it had a feature that you were able to turn off or at least lower the music volume. I may be only one of the few people who does not enjoy a music soundtrack w/ most games.