I paid 1000 Wii points for this?!

User Rating: 5 | Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Tsuki no Kikan WII
I played and finished the original title on the PS, and it was incredibly long and immersive. This title, though, was far too short for the money I paid. I cannot believe that the only real time I spent on this title was leveling up. Other than that, the story was short.

Don't get me wrong. I know that it is one of those episodic titles that you have to pay to play, but I didn't think the first episode would be so short. Come on... I am paying approximately ten bucks for a game that is beyond yesterday's capabilities, so that I can be short changed in the end.

Then I purchased the add-on content (three dollars). Give me a break. I don't even get to play with the characters I spent time building up. And it is also the only add-on content available at this time. Royal rip-off.

As for the game play, it is the same as the original, which is never a down-side. I definitely enjoyed the leveling. The graphics are improved, but only slightly, which I'm not complaining about. If they have revamped the graphics altogether, then it would have cheapened the nostalgia of playing "The After Years".

The difficulty is all depending on the player. If you don't like leveling, then this will be near impossible. If you love leveling, then this can be a cinch.

Once I get past the feeling of being gypped, I can say that I truly enjoyed the game. I just wish I could have enjoyed the spoils of my time leveling. Don't buy if you're one of those that likes to get lots of gameplay for your dollar. Maybe someone will 'gift' it for you.