Final Fantasy IV the After Years is a great Sequal to a game that is hailed as one of the greatest of all time.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Tsuki no Kikan WII
I'm a die hard Final Fantasy Fan so literally buy almost every spinoff and sequal the series has to offer. Final Fantasy IV (which was oringally 2 in America) got a sequal on cellphones in Japan called The After Years, We recieve it on wiiware. The game is composed of different episodic content explaining what each character is doing at certain times, it reveals the crisis of the world in each character's eyes as the game progresses.

Though the game price on th wii might seem huge, add up the total and it would have been no different had they put in on a handheld, (Final Fantasy IV Completle collection contains the original game and The After Years.) Fear not, most gamers are going to overlook this but this game gets attention from Final Fantasy Vetrans.

The story takes place, years after the original by this time Cecil and Rosa have had a kid named Ceodore. The story starts out as young Ceodore is trying to become a Red Wing, but things take an unexpected turn when creatures start attacking from the moon and the tower of Babel is reawakened. Ceodore makes his way to Baron Castle with the help of a mysterious man only known as "The Hooded Man".

The other characters make a return into the seriese as well, Yang, Rydia, Edward, Edge, FuSoYa, Palom, Porom all mark there own downloadble episode to play. The Episodes come together to tell the story as the final Episode "The Planet Eater" concludes it all. Its a good game as a whole and a great Sequal to one of the worlds most loved games, fans of Final Fantasy IV are going to love traversing the world again. It made this Final Fantasy Fan Forever happy. 10/10