This is a game meant for fans of Final Fantasy IV...

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Tsuki no Kikan WII
So I recently picked this up after nearly a year of ignoring it. I'd meant to pick it up sooner but I hadn't been too focused on buying a Wii Points card. Eventually I got bored and bought 1000 points online. I wish I'd bought more to enjoy another chapter of the game.

(Spoilers for those who haven't even played Final Fantasy IV incoming! You shouldn't even be reading this if you haven't!! Best stop reading NOW!)

First things first: Instead of picking up directly where Final Fantasy IV left off, we are sent 17 years ahead into the future. You are thrown directly into Ceodore's point of view. Now, Ceodore is the son of King Cecil and Queen Rosa, who you played alongside in FFIV and saved the world from utter destruction with. Ceodore is on the rite of passage of becoming a knight of the Red Wings, Kingdom Baron's strongest forces if not the world's best. Things take a turn for the worse when monsters begin to attack the kingdom shortly after and the second moon suddenly reappears. That's when your true adventure finally begins. Now, the game is separated into chapters in which you buy individually and play through each following a different character from the previous game in their side story once you play through the main story with Ceodore and the hooded man. I'm just going to review this game based on the main story and my point of view on it.

As much as GameSpot's review may seem a little harsh, it's true that the game won't appeal to you unless you've played Final Fantasy IV otherwise you're going to be left with more questions than answers at the very start. It'll confuse the hell out of you. Unless you like to level grind the high encounter rate will annoy you. It hasn't really annoyed me as I like to keep my characters strong but the fact that you re-visit the same caves as in the first game did a little bit, because they're almost exactly the same. In fact, Ceodore's initial adventure is somewhat similar to Cecil and Kain's adventure from the first, you even fight a "familiar" face in one of the caves that you'll find yourself reminiscing about your first time in there with Cecil/Tellah/Rydia pretty nicely. Aside from that, some new areas were thrown in such as scaling the mountain that separates Mist from Kaipo and the Devil's Road, which you can finally see for yourself. New side areas are also thrown about in the old areas. "Band" attacks are also a new feature, in which you can perform special attacks using two team members, and a new feature which either increases or hampers your progress by way of the moon, whose four phases can affect your physical attacks/black magic/white magic and special attacks depending on the moon's current phase. Everytime you rest at an inn or camp out for the night the phase will change.

I liked the fact that the graphical style of the game is very much like the Final Fantasies of earlier times with the 2D graphics. Feels like old times again. I also didn't mind the recycled music (from FFIV- let's face it, the music from that game is simply irreplaceable) as it's been redone somewhat for this game plus the addition of some new tracks, one of which I've really enjoyed hearing and has freaked me out. I like it. The controls are very easy to learn as I play with the Wii Remote sideways, there really isn't much to get frustrated with as it's an RPG. As long as you can read, you're fine.

If you've played Final Fantasy IV and liked it, I'd say give this game a shot. It's satisfied me with the direction it's going in and I haven't regretted this purchase at all. But remember, play Final Fantasy VI first or you might find yourself turning away from this game.