Awfully annoying and short but its still entretaining

User Rating: 7.5 | Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Tsuki no Kikan WII
Honestly, the fact that its a sequel (most sequels of a specific genre suck) this one is good. I do have some complaints, one of the is THE EXAGERATED ENCOUNTER RATE!! I mean, its too much, you take a step and a battle, another step, ANOTHER battle and when you think you will no fight again, BUM! another battle and for whats worst... A FREAKING BACK ATTACK! DAMN!

Another complaint is that it's to short. I really was disappointed when I finished Ceodore's Story, I mean I was specting a lot, but then I found out that to make the game even longer, is to purchase the other characters stories. But thats what makes FF 4-2 longer, 300 points are worth paying if you are willing to make the story loner. I'm finishing Rydia's story and eager to start the other chapters.

The graphics they could have been a little better but its ok.
So I thinks this game its a little overrated, cmon its still a Final Fantasy, maybe its not perfect or exactly made like the FFs we know this days.