A lively sequel to Final Fantasy IV. Does it live up to the original? Yes. ... and no.

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Tsuki no Kikan WII
In the aspects of Story, Sound, and Graphics, The After Years is bigger and better. But sadly, not so much in gameplay. This is the story FFIV should have had; heart wrecking moments full of REAL deaths, characters you can get attached to, and an amazing soundtrack you can enjoy through and through; which sadly, you can't buy, or even find on youtube.

The gameplay is, on the other hand, a bit messy, but still fun. Some parts of the game feel a bit punishing (huge dungeons with very little save points, murderous monsters, etc) But this game has it going. It's a great, albeit short sequel to FFIV that is even better than the first one in story, sound and visuals. The Band system is extremely fun once you understand, assuming you have the right sources for how to use them. (I reccomend the FF Wiki)

This thing is meant to be a re-do of an ancient classic, so expect warped monster encounter rates. They did this in the FFI&2 remakes, and it screwed up the games good, if I recall correctly.