On one hand, this game is a fun RPG and will please veterans of FF4. However, there's really no other reason to b

User Rating: 7.5 | Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Tsuki no Kikan WII
I loved Final Fantasy IV. I sank over 120 hours into the DS version, beat the final boss with one character, and got sucked into the story. I also liked this game. It's a nice continuation of the plotline started by the original FF4 and has a nice old-school feel (not the icky, ugh-why-is-this-so-bad feeling of other nostalgic titles).

However, if you didn't like FF4, or haven't played it, don't get this. Play the original first or dont' play it at all unless you need a budget RPG quickly. The game is only 8 bucks and has a ridiculous amount of expansion packs for 3 bucks each (except for the last one, which is 6.) But that ends my incessant rant, so to those of you still reading, here is what the game actually does...
Nice pixel art, smooth-running, played just like it did on the GBA/SNES except for more stylized menus, and is rather easy on the eyes. The somewhat varied environments help too. Sound: All of the tunes have been recycled from FF4 except for maybe one or two new ones. No remixes, no nothing. However, that's not a bad thing if you liked the original. The battle sounds are nothing new, either. Story:
Again, nothing of worth if you haven't played the original. Cecil's son and some of his buds come together to try to find out why the monsters are coming back, the evil moon is back again (Majora's Mask, anyone?), typical FF fare. However, there are some interesting (albeit predictable) twists. Gameplay:
Think 16-Bit RPG. That's right, it's completely unchanged from the original except for some new "Band" attacks (think Chrono Trigger). Run around on 2-d plane, fight monsters in semi-real-time battles, talk to guys. That's it, but the game is only 8 bucks.

So, if you can easily dish out the asking price, there's some moderate fun to be had here, and if you like what you see, you can buy about 20-30 dollars worth more of it. (and about that much more gameplay). I'd give it a try.