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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Defeat 100 enemies. A History of Violence
    Complete 100% of a Tale's Bestiary. A Tale to Tell
    Trade a green tail for a Rare Band. Affect of the Exotic
    Reach level 30 with all characters. All Grown Up
    Raise a band ability to the maximum level. B.F.F.
    Complete 100% of the Bestiary. Beast Master
    Complete every achievement. Been There, Done That
    Learn 40 different band abilities. Birds of a Feather
    Obtained Hero's Shield. Bodacious Aegis
    Trade an ebony tail for a Provoke Ring. Come At Me, Bro
    Trade a gray tail for a Reach Ring. Cool Kids Sit in the Back
    Completed the Crystals. Crystal Savior
    Defeat 500 enemies. Don't Cry Over Spilt Blood
    Trade a gold tail for a Gil Band V2. Get Rich or Die Tryin'
    Defeat 2,000 enemies. Hear the Lamentations
    Save up 200,000 gil. High Roller
    Obtain all non-hidden Eidolons. I Choose You!
    Collected every Lustful Lali-Ho. I Read It for the Articles
    Obtained a piece of adamant armor. It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
    Trade a rainbow tail for a Limit Ring. Made to Be Broken
    Raise all band abilities to the maximum level. Me and My Homies
    Reach level 50 with all characters. Mid-Life Crisis
    Save up 50,000 gil. Money Grubber
    Trade a purple tail for Treasure Hunter V2. One Man's Trash
    Reach level 70 with all characters. Over the Hill
    Save up 10,000 gil. Penny Pincher
    Trade a pink tail for Pink Armor. Pretty in Pink
    Defeat 1,000 enemies. Public Enemy
    Trade a red tail for a Level Band. Quick Learner
    Save up 500,000 gil. Rags to Riches
    Completed Kain's Tale. Return of the Dragoon
    Obtain all Eidolons. Say Hello to My Little Friends
    Completed Edward's Tale. Star-Crossed Damcyan
    Trade a black tail for Twin Stars. Starstruck
    Learn all band abilities. Strength in Numbers
    Complete 30% of the Bestiary. Taming the Wild
    Completed the Lunarians' Tale. The Blue Planet That Was
    Completed Rydia's Tale. The Eidolons Shackled
    Completed Ceodore's Tale. The Last of the Red Wings
    Completed Palom's Tale. The Mage's Voyage
    Completed Yang's Tale. The Master of Fabul
    Complete 60% of the Bestiary. The Point of No Return
    Completed Edge's Tale. The Pulse of Babil
    Completed Porom's Tale The Vanished Lunar Whale
    Began Ceodore's Tale. The Very First Step
    Obtained Ultima Weapon. This Is a Knife
    Obtained Ragnarok. To the Moon and Back
    Trade a blue tail for Blue Armor. True Blue
    Learn Dualcast. Twofer
    Trade a white tail for a Rapid Ring V2. With a Quickness

    Contributed by: Guard Master