This game is great, I suggest it to anyone new or old to the series, or even video games. You don't have to be an RPG fa

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA
Final Fantasy IV, known as Final Fantasy II in the US, is a great game. There are many twists and turns in this game, and is one of the first Final Fantasys that actiually have character development and a great story. Unlike Final Fantasy I, you won't be playing as a fighter name Bob or a Black Mage named Steve, no. They have emotions this time around and you really get emotionally attatched the the characters.

There is a lot of lag in the game, mainly in battle and menu selecting, making you think if the cartridge is even in the slot. Everything in the game freezes but the music for about 1-2 seconds and then continues. Making it hard to know what you are doing. This happends in battle, and it happends every few battles every few minutes, it isn't a big bother though.

You get to have a whopping 5 characters in a battle, choosing the rows in which they stay in for more/less defense. And trust me, there are plenty of characters to choose from.

This game is also one of the first to introduce the real time battle system. Each character has a turn bar which goes fast or slow depending on the characters stats, making the turn order random.

Also you can get attacked by the enemy while choosing menus, a sort of Final Fantasy VII - esc type battle system, but you can turn it on or off.

Summons are also introduced in this game by Rydia, a girl whom you meet in the begining of the game. She has the ability to use some crazy summons you meet throughout the game.

Transportation is a big part of Final Fantasy, if you go on foot you'll have to fight monsters or run, which takes quite a while and makes you lose gil... Or gain experience, depending on your patience level. You get to choose throughout the game to walk, go by airship, sail the seas by boat, use chocobos or even a hovercraft. There are 4 types of Chocobos. Black, white, yellow and fat. Where it smells of Chocobo in the air and you use a certain item in certain places or in a Chocobo forest, the fat chocobo will appear, who is mainly an item storage guy. The white chocobo - catch him and your MP will be restored in your whole party. And black chocobo - has the ability to fly over most terrain, and you can ride him twice. The plain ol' yellow chocobo is just a faster version of walking with no monster encounters, oh and once you ride it once and get off, it runs away back to the chocobo forest/village you found him in.

This game is great, I suggest it to anyone new or old to the series, or even video games. You don't have to be an RPG fan for this one, for the story sucks you in.