Don't need to be a CosPlay attendee to enjoy!

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA
I'm currently a deployed US military member, so my access to console games (I miss you so much 360) is really limited. My wife bought me a DS that has been neglected and left alone for about a year until now, when neccessity forced me to bring it out.

Finding quality games for the thing has been tough; I have a few FPS for it and a Mario Brothers (both fun), but in all honesty, I needed a game that would eat lots of hours and keep me immersed. I don't think that FPS is suited for the DS interface, and while I would play those games for hours on end on a regular console, it didn't work for me on the DS.

My supply of great DS games (I know this is a GBA game, I am getting to that) is really limited, and a buddy loaned me this GBA game. I was hesitant to start playing a Final Fantasy game since my only experience with FF games was back in the PS One days I remember two guys sitting in their tighty-whities playing marathon sessions a weekend at a time; not the most positive impression.

In any case, I digress...this game is great. The only downside is the hokey dialog and story, but I think that is just a cultural difference. The game is solid with an easy interface to learn (I don't have an instruction book and was able to drive on), the graphics are as good as you need on the DS, there is decent (even nostalgic if you are as old as me) music and the story is immersive enough to keep you involved.

I really enjoy the ability to grow and groom the characters in the game the way that I see fit (I really miss Mass Effect right now) and have spent about 25 hours in the game and will probably play through it a couple of more times before I get home.

I am not sure what actual DS games are available that are in this genre (someone please let me know and I will order one) and I assume the graphics have improved for the DS line, but this is really a solid game and I highly recommend this to anyone looking to burn quite a few hours staring at a screen the size of a postage stamp.