This game is a great version of the sens game!!!

User Rating: 9.7 | Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA
I played this game and I was really impresed by this game.

Gameplay: As the sens version, you have a couple of players to play with and you have a huge storyline and attacks to preform. The areas are unbelivible and the AI aren't that good.

Graphics: The graphics are a big improval to the sens version. The enemies look fantastic, the areas look the same as the sens version and the attacks are really well done.

Sound: The sound in this game is the same sound as the sens version of the game.

Value: You can play for hours and hours trying to finish the game. You have a huge storyline but there isn't an online feature.

Reviewer's tilt: Overall this game is an awsome game for the gameboy advance and you should definitley would want to go and try this one out.