Final Fantasy IV advance is at the time good, and a bit bad... but still overall-y good.

User Rating: 7.9 | Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA
Obviously, almost any Final Fantasy gets excellent gameplay, in average. Final Fantasy IV Advance's gameplay was below of what I expected. I tried some of the SNES version. Ok, it looked bad and most things weren't show (status ailments, barriers) and... this new version still doesn't show status effect. Geez... So, maybe because it would lag the game but still, they could have lowered visual effects a bit. It went a bit glitchy at times like when my sage (you-know-who) casted Fire. What's this? Right after casting, no waiting at all, he can still execute another command. Strange? Perhaps. Well, can't say it wasn't in my advantage. They added the ATB gauge so you know who's gonna go on next and it helps not to screw up. As for the rest, it's good! The battles weren't too frequent (mostly on the overworld maps (Spoilers hidden, so you can go on safely)) compared to Final Fantasy 1. And fleeing battles (Magnetic cave, ok?) wasn't a pain either, but you dropped some gil for it. The flee executed in about .5-3 seconds in normal fights. Anyway, Final Fantasy IV has, close, but not flawless gameplay. If you liked Final Fantasy 1 & 2, you'll like this one.

Slightly improved, the graphics were correct, I guess. Enemies were still still images. BUT! Some changed appearance during battles! o_O Graphics have nothing exceptional or sucky. Ohhhh! This flaw applies for both gameplay and graphics... remember the airship? I've known only the small one and it has a bit of lag... it doesn't really affect much, either.

I liked it. What can I say? No wonder how many times I listened to the boss music, I still liked it.

Final Fantasy IV Advance is worth the buy. If you've completed FF1&2 about 6 times like me, you'll simply love this jewel.