Good to have it on PSP

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy III PSP
after android version, it was quite good to be able to play it on psp. nice remake you will like it if you are a true final fantasy fan. it is mostly same as the ds and the android remakes. long playing time, light story and lots of combats.. starting point of the game is different but it gives the same feelings. if you have time to play more final fantasy you must chech this out. From WIKI: The remake was produced by Tomoya Asano and co-developed by Square Enix and Matrix Software. In addition, Ryosuke Aiba (Final Fantasy XI) was the art director. Akihiko Yoshida (Final Fantasy XII) redesigned the original characters for use in 3D, and designed the looks of the new playable characters. The formerly generic and nameless party characters were replaced with more concrete characters with new personalities and background stories, and additional scenes were added to develop their individuality; however, the main storyline was not altered significantly.[31] Along with these four, additional characters (called "sub-characters") also join the party temporarily, like in the original. Unlike the original, however, these characters may randomly participate in battle. Final Fantasy III overhauls to the job system, including the rebalancing of the classes, the addition of new abilities, a new "Freelancer" class that replaces "Onion Knight" as the default job at the beginning of the game (Onion Knight is retained as a secret class), new events, a new crystal and dungeon, and the removal of capacity points. Unlike the original Famicom version, most of the jobs remain useful for the entire game. The ultimate jobs-the Ninja and the Sage-and some of the lesser-used jobs like the Geomancer were redesigned to have the same level of abilities as the Warrior. Also new are special job-specific items available only if a character has fully mastered a certain job. In place of capacity points, each character incurs a small temporary penalty for switching jobs. This penalty decreases the character's statistics for the next 0 to 10 battles. This period is called a "Job Transition Phase" and its length is based on how similar the new job is to the old job, and how proficient the character already is at the new job.