This game came out way too late.

User Rating: 5 | Final Fantasy III DS
After being a Japanese exclusive for 16 years, Final Fantasy 3 finally made its way to the United States. While being the first game in the series to feature a class system, thus being important to the series as a whole, the gameplay, characters, and plot are completely outdated. The game starts with the main character Luneth falling into a hole and winding up in an underground cave with a large crystal in it. This crystal of wind tasks him with restoring order to the world. He goes home to get his friend Arc to accompany him and they set off for the next town. Everyone in the town but a girl named Refia has been cursed by a djinn, which leads them to go to a castle to retrieve a mythril ring. The guard Ingus joins them, they defeat the djinn, and the wind crystal grants them its power to complete their task. While a simple plot is not necessarily a bad thing, the characters have absolutely no personality whatsoever, giving the player little motivation to continue. The combat system is just the standard turn-based system used by many early RPGs, which was fine in 1990 but horribly dated in 2006. The magic system is also crippled thanks to only being able to keep three spells of any given on a character and having a certain number of uses instead of an MP bar. This is bad enough on its own, but add in the fact that there are several segments involving the party having to shrink down making physical attacks worthless. Also, no save points inside dungeons, meaning if you die you have to start the whole dungeon over. This game is truly for hardcore Final Fantasy fans only and all others should most likely stay away, which is a shame because the game does have good graphics and music for a DS game. It's just a shame that the player will most likely be too frustrated to notice them. This game just came out way too late for its own good and really wasn't worth the wait.