An Android User, HTC One X review: This game is on android is unbelievably good, chibbies character with deep gameplay.

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy III DS
Strangely, I never owned a Nintendo DS until my sis got the 3DS, nor actually played this game before its official Android release on the 27 of June 2012. I've only heard of this game for a while but never actually took it seriously due to the chibby like anime character compared to the Final Fantasy XIII I've played.

This changed after I've download and played the game on android, and for once, its a game that beat Final Fantasy XIII hands down, due to its richness in substances rather than flashes.

I've not yet completed the game yet but as far as I can tell, if Square Enix released the famous Final Fantasy IV remake on Android, I would have get it as well. What you seen on the DS is what they fixed on the android and ios, due to only using a single screen, the game was free by one Nintendo DS's blessing and curse, the two screen game-play. So far, from my nephew, the two screen displayed only works on games which actually made compulsory utilizing the touchscreen while using the controls, such as The World Ends with You, or Sports game thingy...... games like Pokemon and Final Fantasy, the best they can do is adding mini games or gimmick display such as status or map, which look great at first but in the end, feeling kinda redundant and annoyed for its silly and ultimately useless gimmicks.

On Android and ios, the game screen is your touchscreen, the analog control and selective button is usable in the entire screen without limitation, and silly gimmicks was removed for better immersion into the game play itself. The game texture is significantly improved upon the older DS and thanks to the phone decent processor, it runs without a slight shown of lag, The phone's larger display also greatly improve the visual of the game thanks to the decent LED display which make the game playable under near all condition except under intense lighting condition. The sound of the game is also great thanks to the Beat Audio of HTC One X

In the game, you play as Luneth, a free spirit Freelancer (currently mine is a knight) goes on the quest to defeat the final boss(darkness, never actually check, cause of spoiler) along the way, you picked up your best friend Arc, the pretty Refia and the cool Ingus in you quest of adventure to save the world of light. It is said that most Android or ios games won't last for more than 2 hours, well here you go, I played for 14 hours and still just unraveled even more adventure than I thought. I think this is due to the grinding and training system of job level I'm trying to max on. The game characters are cute, which funny to look at the beginning but very appealing after you've played for a while. In contrast, the boss character I've encountered are big, nasty and close to what I've seen on the PS2 and 3 bosses. Seeing your chibby characters using powerful attacks and spells and bring down nasty bosses is somewhat satisfying. And despite the lack of voice over, the dialog between character is actually very appealing and rich in personality, compared to the visually superior but personality inferior Shadow Gunner THD characters, whcih is like zero personality other than to drive a plot. And a game with likely 100 hours of gameplay, its game space is less than 180mb, a huge game on a small package, for me, at long last a worthy game.

One major improvement of the Android/ios series over the DS is the quick save system (perhaps?!?), the official review on the DS version indicates that the game lack a quick save in case of something goes wrong, this was available on the android version, just that the quick save option is a little annoying as the quick save was intended for the user to save in case the player decided to stop playing it and every quick save is force back to the menu screen. But this annoying system was remedied by the incredibly quick game loading, there is no pause, as soon as I press continue and wallah- back to where I quick save previously. The touchscreen on the android also makes selection of magic, attack and item more seamlessly, you use your thumb and press the big selection box to select what you want. This is however, entirely dependent on the phone you are using, as I'm playing on a phone with a larger screen, everything is tend to be big and thus easier to select.

However its not without flaw, as expected, the game has no voice over every dialog voice is entirely up to your imagination, the music within the game is also limited, with only a few for the climatic scenes and battles. There is also little changes other than better visual, audio and game-play. Which somewhat make the game's innovation mark a no-no considered this is a 6 year old game originally on the DS. Also, the game released on android took longer than the ios, considered they re-released an existing game, but considered that the HTC One X was released recently, this issue is somewhat less irritating. The game first debut on android is also expensive, currently cost more than the Infinity Blade games. If you are on a tight budget, you may have to wait for a discount, but this is still cheaper than the original DS version sold in Malaysia till this very day. O_O

If you are a Final Fantasy fan and want to play it on a smartphone, getting the Andorid or ios version can be actually worth every penny you get. But for those who already played it on the DS, getting the game is intended for to have a refreshing game-play experience over the older DS.