Square Enix has really out done themselves with this game. I cant remember a game as fun as this.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy III DS
Ladies and gentleman if you dont have this game then you dont know what youre missing. Even for the DS these graphics are unbelivably great. Not only does Final Fantasy III have some of the old school jobs but it even has new more out of this world jobs. Magic spells have been upgraded, weapons and stas are better than ever. Story line is well developed and thought out. This game is just full of suprises. I made it all the way to the final boss once and got obliterated. Its classic at first the game stars off nice, easy, and simple but the futher into the story you go the harder it gets. FFIII is so good that once you start you are addicted for life and you never want to stop. Final Fantasy Fans this game is a must have for your collection. If your a gamer looking for something to play and keep you busy Final Fantasy III is waiting for you.