Good remake of an instant classic.

User Rating: 7.5 | Final Fantasy III DS
Final Fantasy III -

Gameplay: 7/10

Final Fantasy III has a similar narrative to Final Fantasy I. This is due to an apparent re-draft of the game, which I am lead to believe was originally intended to be the sixth game in the Final Fantasy series (due to an untimely release in the US). All very confusing indeed; this being said may explain it's slight mirror image to the first Final Fantasy...Four Warriors of the Light, Four Crystals, Four Elements etc.

Graphics: 8/10

Stunning for the DS...more cut scenes should have been included though.

Sound: 8/10

All the compositions have been converted into modern day pieces for the DS, which are more than satisfactory considering the various ensembles.

Value: 7/10

The price has recently dropped. However, the game was fairly expensive when first released. Nevertheless, it's a worthy price to pay.

Tilt: 7/10

Overall, this is a wholly solid game. I don't think that Square Enix could have improved it any further. Something I found quite refreshing was the decision that this company made to not include any mini games or side quests which many other spin-off's tend to do. They have strictly kept the main components of a solid RPG and introduced the idea of gamer discretion through character class superbly. The final parts of the game do get rather complicated and difficult; which will genuinely test the avid RPG fan. Despite this, I would suggest FFIII is engaging and simple enough for anyone to pick up and play.