if you like RPG's, this is the game for you! it will make you addicted, and you will want to keep playing for a long tim

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy III DS
Plot: 9.5/10
I thought the plot of this game was normal but good. It's about 4 teenagers who find out they're the "warriors of the light". they need to protect the world from darkness. So these four go out on a journey, venture many places, fight very hard beasts and creatures, and eventually, conquer the final beast, completing their destiny. Pretty simple, but exciting.

Bosses: 10/10
I thought of the bosses as just the right difficulty, but sometimes, you had to level grind, and it gets tiring. after a while though, you get the hang of it, and it gets easier and easier. the bosses vary in strength, size, defense, and other things a lot. the final boss is even a cloud! how weird! but mostly, if you don't run from every battle, you should do just fine on the bosses.

The graphics of final fantasy 3 were amazing. For the ds, they were the second best graphics i'd seen, to zelda, phantom hourglass. square changed the graphics to 3-D, and it looked very good. the overall layout was good too. Something i thought was spectacular, was that when i was going down a cave wall staircase, it was at a really cool 3-D angle, it made me dazzled! it just looked awesome!

the sound in final fantasy 3 was beautiful. it always made me hum along, and it was very soothing. It always matched the setting of the story, whether you were in a tower, it was dark, sad music, or you were on the world map, and it was happy music. I, overall, loved the music. Also, the sound effects were good too, like when you found an item or opened a secret passageway.

The jobs in final fantasy 3 are very good and interesting. I always like testing out different ones, but if you try too many out, your character becomes really weak, and you have to fight a lot for him to be normal again. the mages are fun to play around with, and have a lot of spells to try out. At the end, there are some really fun jobs to pick from, but choose wisely!

This was the best game I've played so far on the DS, and i can't complain one bit. I've played it a lot, and I'm still hooked. If you hate RPG's, don't try this game, it will bore you a lot. It is a fun game to try to get to level maxes with, because you can get job ultimate weapons, so you can totally dominate you opponents with ease. I sure like this game, and I TOTALLY recommend it to anybody. If you buy it, i hope you have fun with it!