The game is really good for its money. It can get addicting quickly and there is almost something to do.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy III DS
It is boring at first since you just go through a dungeon and do a few small boring quests. But once you beat the first boss it gets fun and you can actually understand what is going on. You will met alot of people which can also unlock stuff for you such as an underwater cave or get the best sword in the game. There are "Jobs" in the game which gives you specail abilitys, cast magic, or better stats then something else. If you have friend and wireless internet then you can go to a place called the Mognet. There you can exchange friend codes which most people should know from games like pokemon and email each other. And you can also email the in game charaters! It will slow down the futher you go in the story though so it will get boring at the end. but don't worry it is at least a 50 hour game. It is up to YOU to get it.