First time i got the game hated, slept on it and picked it up again was better but not much.

User Rating: 5.5 | Final Fantasy III DS
FIrst time i played the game i thought it was terrible. I slept over night and picked it up right when i woke up. I loved it. I played it all day but i grew bored of it quickly. The game grows repetetive (if i spelled that right). Go over here and kill this person, go kill this guy, it gets old. Thing is i dont even know the story line. Im the chosen one or something and i have to get this crystal. The characters i think are so lifeless very boring. You wont even care what happens to the characters in the game. The battles are very plain, choose your attack and they attack and stuff. Its a turn base strategy, not so much strategy though. The only moves i ever used in the whole game was attack and magic, thats it. This game is making me stay away from the final fantasy series and stick to legend of zelda. Please who ever is reading this review do not get this game.